Monday, June 8, 2009

Fundraising proves Successful for EHS NHS!

Fundraising brings Success to the EHS National Honor Society!

The National Honor Society has been big on fundraisers this year. The NHS supports themselves through their own funds they make throughout the year. Fundraising, however, was never meant to be easy. During these economic times, anyone is lucky if they receive a penny. We can’t be picky, but anything helps. Funds are used to purchase needed items for our Community Projects we complete throughout the town and state.

Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser, run by Treasurer Brittany Kaplan, was a great success. NHS members willingly sold boxes and boxes of cookie dough to teachers, friends, students, neighbors, strangers, and family. Varieties of cookie dough included healthy oatmeal and raisin, to not-so-healthy Chocolate Chunk. Nevertheless, hundreds of dollars were raised thanks to our efforts, while many others benefitted to tasting their home-baked cookie-dough.

The Bui House hosted the Friendly’s Fun Night. The Friendly’s Fundraiser was in the making behind-the-scenes for a short while. Tax forms were completed and signed in order to make the process move on smoothly. The date was established in late April. Hundreds of customers ranging from family and friends to teachers and students. A huge thanks goes out to our supporters for taking the time to join us for a meal and some ice-cream. Friendly’s donates 15% of whatever they make that night from 5 to 8pm to benefit an organization or charity. Thanks to our efforts and our supporters, the NHS raised nearly $400!

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