Thursday, September 11, 2008

The National Honor Society's first meeting...

The National Honor Society's first meeting took place today on September 11, 2008 in Enfield High School's Library Media Center. The purpose of the meeting was to welcome back members from their summer vacation, and to inform them about the new changes and updates in National Honor Society procedures and activities.

Attendence: Advisors Mr. Gorborino and Mrs. Jensen were present. Officers Jeremy Bui, Nathan Uricchio, Alyssa Doner, and Brittany Kaplan were present. 27 out of the 29 members were present. Matthew Disciacca was not present, but was at a Student Council Meeting. Jessica Bursztyn was not present.

Hour Changes: In order to emphasize the greater importance of establishing long-lasting connections with the community and increased interaction with members, hours have been lowered to 15 hours for seniors and 20 hours for juniors. This will indefinitely create more time for the purpose of  group projects that will benefit the community. Groups will be randomly chosen by NHS advisors, and will be announced at the next NHS meeting. Each of the four NHS officers will be assigned a group. By the end of the school year, each member should have accomplished 15 (senior)/ 20 (junior) community service hours, plus a minimum of two group projects.

Facebook: A previous problem in the past for NHS members was the lack of contact between members. This created a problem where only students could contact each other only during the school day. Since the National Honor Society values community service efforts outside of the school and into the community, a facebook group has been created for the purpose of 24/7 online interaction between members. During the meeting, it was emphasized that members should create facebook accounts if they wished to participate in online interaction.

Summer Hours: If any Enfield High School NHS member did pre-approved hours during the summer, he or she should get their signed forms to Mr. Gorborino or Mrs. Jensen as soon as possible.

Community Service Opportunities: Enfield High School NHS members are encouraged to be on the lookout for community service opportunities for hours. Please see Mrs. Ceniglio (Community Service Club) in A310 for possible activities.

Group Projects: Members are also encouraged to start thinking of possible ideas for community group projects.