Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Community Projects: The Best is yet to come...

The National Honor Society has gone to bigger and better things this year, completing more projects out in the community than ever before. We’ve gotten creative, letting our imaginations run wild as we teach our peers to be compassionate citizens of a global society! These are only a few of the activities we’ve done within the past semester:

  • Drive-by Leaf Raking
  • Trick-or-Treating for Cans
  • School Can Drive
  • Toys for Tots
  • Letter to Santa for Elementary School Students

Second Semester is looking promising. We've got Dodge-Ball Tournaments planned, fund-raisers involving teachers and families in the community, dinner nights for our Veterans, movie nights for children, baby-sitting, volunteering at the local soup kitchen or food shelf, planting plants for a garden at the Senior Center!....

We have GREAT things planned for this semester with a GREAT group of NHS members who are motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Toys for Joys!

Enfield High School has proved to be extremely generous these holidays! Each morning for the two weeks before the holidays, our homeroom representatives went to each homeroom to collect donations. The homeroom that donated the most would receive a free Dunkin Donuts breakfast the day before the Holiday Break. Mr. Wiley’s homeroom won the breakfast with a total of $65.00. Homerooms that came close included Mrs. Jurgen’s homeroom with $60.00 and Mr. Ramos’ homeroom with $41.00. Thanks for making a Merry Christmas for poor kids whose parents cannot afford to buy presents for them. EHS, with your help, we were able to raise over $400.00! 

Trick-or-Treating for Canned Goods...

(Above) Picture courtesy of the Enfield Food Shelf Website: www.enfieldfoodshelf.org

Members of the National Honor Society decided to bring in the Halloween Spirit by Trick or Treating for Cans for the Enfield Food Shelf. Our neighbors were to leave us their donated non-perishable food items on their front porch so we could pick them up. It was a huge success. We were able to donate OVER 528 lbs to the Food Shelf! This food would be much need within the next few weeks in preparation for Thanksgiving.

EHS National Honor Society Rakes Leaves for Town!

Nearly 30 members of the National Honor Society gathered on a bus on a brisk morning (November 3, 2008) to rake the yards of citizens of the town of Enfield. With leaves scattered devastatingly across the yards of the elderly and the young, we made sure we cleaned up the properties and hauled hundreds of pounds of leaves to the curbs for the town’s Leaf Disposal Service to clean up later that week. With the extra time we had, we were able to rake one more house whose family was ecstatic to hear that we would rake their lawn. We raked diligently that day and made six households’ lawns free of leaves!

New National Honor Society House Assignments (November 2009)

NHS House Assignments:

-Bui House- -Uricchio House- -Doner House- -Kaplan House- 

Zachary Bui    Josh Kosinski     Cara Angeloni     Nate Mayo
Sean McNeff  Steph Marryat   Jess Bursztyn     Alina Kluk
   Seth Price     Steph Lemire     Annie Carlson    Rob Teeling
    C. Nelson       C. Ssyrotiuk    Brendan Clarke     M. Green
     C. Smith     K. Kaselouskas     Jenna Cox       Matt Disciacca
 Isa Trichilo     Alyssa Meers     Kym Meyers    Andrea Spain
   M. Walsh     Cassie Angelica      M. Francis       Phil Horning
 Rachel Zeni       K. Lastrina        Shay Kosa       Mary Hojnoski
 Kim Godek       J. Bradshaw    Danielle Harris   Connor Spain
   K. Piorek       Deanna Flagg     Emily Radar    Nicole Fauteux
    S. Shaw         Mike Tingley     Jared Casey     Jessica Cerrato
   R. Doiron       Megan Kaliff    Tanner O'Brien    Emily Bearce
  A. Dessert       K. Meunier   Amanda Maynard   Karen Reed
  B. Laroche     L. McMurray    Regina Casele        R. Peterson

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