Monday, June 8, 2009

EHS National Honor Society attends State Conference

Experiencing a new age of Promise

In late May Jeremy Bui, President, was graciously invited as a Guest Speaker at the State National Honor Society Conference in Rocky Hill for being one of the five national winners of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. This opportunity allowed our future NHS officers for next year to gain a head start in gaining inspiration and planning events for next year. Principal Thomas Duffy came along with Jeremy Bui, Rachel Zeni, Mike Tingley, and Jessica Cerrato to enjoy a day of workshops, networking, and contributing ideas for Community Projects. Enfield High School made its debut at the conference and shined magnificently.

I think Enfield can now take great pride knowing that the Enfield High School National Honor Society is doing more than even other schools throughout the state. Thanks to the emphasis on Community Projects and extending our reach beyond just our school, the EHS National Honor Society had its first successful year in a very long time. “We’re revitalizing the Honor Society and setting a precedent for Honor Societies in the future at Enfield High,” says President Jeremy Bui. “We can only get better from here.”

“I was excited (and relieved) to learn that our NHS here at Enfield High is actually on the same page and almost ahead of other high schools in different districts. It's nice to know that we're actually doing more than others from communities with more resources than we have. We've turned students to Life-Long Leaders, who show much promise to make the world a better place.”

New Officers Elected!

EHS NHS elects New Officers for 2010

The NHS is proud to announce our new officers for next year. It’s extremely rare to be blessed with great officers, who show passion to lead the NHS. There’s a huge misconception about NHS. It’s not just a name that looks good to college. It’s not about the special privileges, or just all about community service hours.

We aren’t chosen just for our leadership and GPA. Someone was willing to “invest” in us because they passionately believe in our capacity to help the community and right the wrongs of society.

Without further ado, our new Officers for the Class of 2010 are:

Rachel Zeni- President

Michael Tingley- Vice President

Jessica Cerrato- Secretary

Jaimee Bradshaw- Treasurer

These officers share a common goal of bettering our school, town, and society. They value high academic achievement, leadership, and service to the community. They have a lot planned for next year. Enfield, stay tuned because the next program is already in session…

Gardening at the Senior Center!

Gardening at Enfield's Senior Center!

The Bui House spent their Memorial Day Weekend honoring our country by planting flowers and landscaping at the Senior Center. We worked with Susan Lather, Director of the Enfield Senior Center, and Stephanie Nelson, Director of the Enfield Gardening Club, to spend the day beautifying our Senior Center with new flowers to bring in the Summer! Flowers were planted, the Vegetable Community Garden was pampered with new seeds and water, and a Memorial Bench Area was created to honor Phillip Johnson.

Thanks to Jeremy Bui, Zachary Bui, Kim Godek, Shantae Shaw, Mike Tingley, Emily Bearce, Kendall Piorek, Alli Dessert, and Marton Walsh for contributing their weekend for such a worthy contribution to our community. Your pure excitement for this project made all this possible.

Please visit the Enfield Gardening Club website for more information about its projects:

Veterans Honored in Dinner hosted by EHS National Honor society

EHS NHS hosts Second Annual Veterans' Dinner!

The Kaplan House hosted a Veterans’ Dinner to honor our soldiers and veterans of war. Veterans young and old were honored in an enchanting evening of music, dancing, and eating. Students brought and made the main course, while some contributed exotic, but popular desserts. Our Veterans reminisced old times, while some reflected on things to come. Memories were shared and friendships were created. Perhaps what makes this most rewarding is knowing that our Veterans are being properly honored for fighting for Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.

Fundraising proves Successful for EHS NHS!

Fundraising brings Success to the EHS National Honor Society!

The National Honor Society has been big on fundraisers this year. The NHS supports themselves through their own funds they make throughout the year. Fundraising, however, was never meant to be easy. During these economic times, anyone is lucky if they receive a penny. We can’t be picky, but anything helps. Funds are used to purchase needed items for our Community Projects we complete throughout the town and state.

Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser, run by Treasurer Brittany Kaplan, was a great success. NHS members willingly sold boxes and boxes of cookie dough to teachers, friends, students, neighbors, strangers, and family. Varieties of cookie dough included healthy oatmeal and raisin, to not-so-healthy Chocolate Chunk. Nevertheless, hundreds of dollars were raised thanks to our efforts, while many others benefitted to tasting their home-baked cookie-dough.

The Bui House hosted the Friendly’s Fun Night. The Friendly’s Fundraiser was in the making behind-the-scenes for a short while. Tax forms were completed and signed in order to make the process move on smoothly. The date was established in late April. Hundreds of customers ranging from family and friends to teachers and students. A huge thanks goes out to our supporters for taking the time to join us for a meal and some ice-cream. Friendly’s donates 15% of whatever they make that night from 5 to 8pm to benefit an organization or charity. Thanks to our efforts and our supporters, the NHS raised nearly $400!

EHS NHS hosts Dodge-Ball Tournament!

EHS NHS hosts Dodge-Ball Tournament!

The Doner House of the EHS National Honor Society hosted a Dodge-Ball Tournament this year. Students gathered in large amounts to form teams to participate in Enfield High’s first National Honor Society Dodge-Ball Tournament. Donations and participation fee created funds to benefit multiple charities. A huge thanks to Mr. Robert Barnes, PE/ Health Teacher at EHS, for contributing his time to referee the games all day. Great job, EHS! Thanks for your enthusiasm and support!